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Who's in Charge

Who's in Charge

How we think about ourselves and the world around us is one of the most significant factors in determining how, or even if, we reach our full potential.

It is the limitations that we create, either consciously or unconsciously, that limit our success at work and in our personal lives.

For businesses in a fast-moving commercial environment, the ability to innovate, see new challenges as opportunities and not threats, and respond positively to changes are all highly desirable attributes.

Who's in Charge is a workshop that develops these attributes by exploring how we create limitations and how to remove them.

The workshop will provide participants with new insights into how they think and, more importantly, explore new ways to deal with the things that prevent them from reaching their full potential.



  • How to create new choices and possibilities
  • How to avoid creating limiting beliefs
  • Understanding how we filter reality and what it means for personal development
  • How to release anxiety, deal with negative emotions and reduce stress
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