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Training Design, Development and Delivery

We offer consultancy at every stage of the training life-cycle. We can help you to develop your own training programme or provide you with a complete programme.


  • Understanding your business environment
  • Identifying how training can improve business performance
  • Exploring your training requirements


  • Measuring current performance using a range of techniques, including: psychometric and emotional intelligence profiling and 360° feedback
  • Working with you or your team to diagnose training or performance problems
  • Working with individuals to understand their personal training requirements


  • Developing solutions and strategies
  • Designing and developing training materials to complement your own training programme
  • Designing and developing complete training programmes
  • Creating flexible implementation plans to accommodate the demands of your business



  • Measuring and analysing the effectiveness of training for both individuals and the business
  • Identifying future requirements


  • One-to-one and group feedback sessions to reinforce the results of training
  • Measuring progress and reviewing training plans and results


If you have something to communicate, we can help you. For example;

  • Writing policies and procedures
  • Writing instructions
  • Designing and writing newsletters
  • Forms design
  • Designing and developing training manuals and training support materials
  • Developing presentations
  • Writing proposals

We specialise in helping you communicate difficult or complex information to specific audiences so that they will understand it quickly and easily.

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