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Clear and Effective Business Writing

Clear and Effective Business Writing

Communication continues to be one of the key areas that all companies want to improve. So it is not surprising that most companies constantly review the effectiveness of their internal and external communication.

However, one of the most neglected aspects of communication is written communication. Often we just assume that since we speak English it can't be that difficult to write, can it?

Modern businesses generate a huge volume of information, most of which is written by people who are not professional writers.

It is easy to underestimate the effect that poor writing has on a business, even though we have all been victims of confusing policy statements, illogical guidelines, impenetrable reports and ‘shoot-from-the-hip’ emails.

If you consider the amount of time spent clarifying information, the number of unread reports or the mistakes made because of misunderstood policies, then the unseen cost is clearly significant.

This course takes a pragmatic, non-academic approach to writing. During the course participants will explore the impact their writing has on their readers and learn a range of quick and effective techniques that will radically improve their writing.



  • Understanding your audience
  • Organising your information logically
  • Using Plain English
  • Avoiding common writing problems
  • Presenting information
  • Designing forms
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