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Influencing Skills

Whether at work or at home, we all need or want to influence other people.

We have all experienced situations when we wanted to negotiate with someone to achieve a change in conditions, a better timescale, a better price or to gain support.

Being able to influence people in these situations can make a real difference, not only at work but also in our personal lives.

Successful influencing requires good interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to get people to give their support willingly.

As well as giving participants the skills they need to negotiate effectively, this course also ensures participants understand that:

  • the best negotiators are subtle and fair; they know what to give away, when to make demands and when to walk away
  • influencing is a two-way process since the influencer is also open to influence
  • influencing without integrity is manipulation, and that approach never works as a basis for establishing and maintaining good relationships.


  • Influencing styles and the effect they have on other people
  • How to get the willing support of others
  • Establishing rapport quickly and easily
  • Understanding and recognising different influencing behaviours
  • Understanding the relationship between language and feelings
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