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We do not run public courses, as we will always want to make sure that a course matches our clients' requirements exactly. However, we do have a range of courses that we run regularly for our clients. Each of these courses has a core set of topics that we are happy to add to, combine or rework to meet your own requirements.

Personal Development

Coaching Skills for Managers

Many businesses now recognise that coaching is a key skill for both first line and senior managers. This course provides managers with the skills they need to provide day-to-day coaching for the individuals in their teams. more...

Managing Conflict and Performance

Very few people like conflict and many managers find it difficult or impossible to handle poor performance; preferring to ignore the problem or pass it on to someone else. This course provides managers with the skills they need to confront poor performance early and deal with it effectively. more...

Influencing Skills

We all need or want to influence people; whether it is to sell an idea, negotiate change or make something happen. This course enables participants to understand what influencing is and is not and provides them with the skills to do it effectively. more...

Who's in Charge?

It is impossible for people who do not feel empowered to reach their full potential. However, often the main difference between those who feel in control of their life and those who do not is their beliefs. This course helps participants understand limiting beliefs and how to change them if they want to. more...

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

We focus on using NLP in business and offer a full range of courses from one-day introductions to full NLP Practitioner accreditation. more...


Beyond Basic Presenting

For many managers and professionals presenting is a way of life, which is why presentation skills is frequently one of the first courses someone asks for. However, once you have mastered the basics, where do you go then?

This course is an advanced presentations skills course that takes people beyond the basics. more...

Clear and Effective Business Writing

With more and more information to communicate, businesses face a continual challenge to improve both what they communicate and how they communicate. This course provides participants with an opportunity to learn how to write clearly for a specific audience. more...

Writing Procedures People Can Actually Use

Have you ever had difficulty following someone else's instructions? Ever struggled to interpret one of your company's procedures? You are not alone. Every company has procedures its employees have to follow and for the majority of companies this means asking someone to write down what they do. However, rarely are they trained to write instructions, which is why the majority of these documents are not successful.

This course provides non-professional writers with the knowledge and skills they need to write clear, accurate and easy to follow procedures. more...

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