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Writing Procedures That People Can Actually Use

Whether it is to comply with a quality standard like ISO9000 or because someone experienced is leaving or just to capture best practice, at some point what someone does has to be written down.

For some companies, like the pharmaceutical and chemical companies, this is a legal requirement. For others it is just good practice to ensure that their employees know what to do.

With such an important activity it is surprising then that the majority of procedures are written by non-professional writers, who often are doing it in their ‘spare time’. This is why procedures are often hard to follow, confusing, illogical, poorly written and, worst of all, unused.

This course is for people who are not professional writers, but who have to write instructions and procedures as part of their work.

During the course participants will learn professional writing principles and techniques that will enable them to create clear, unambiguous and easy-to-use procedures.



  • How to capture the details of an activity and present it to a specific audience
  • How to use technical writing principles and techniques to write procedures
  • The basic principles of information design
  • How to plan a document and present information logically
  • Using Plain English
  • Designing forms
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